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MedInfo, Inc. 

MedInfo, Inc. is a medical publishing company that specializes in providing
the most up to-date medical references to all healthcare professionals. We are a US based company that focuses on the day-to-day aspect of patient care. You can find our medical pocket references in most medical bookstores and online. 


MDpocket offers direct to consumer purchasing of all MedInfo e-plateform and pocket medical references. You'll find our medical reference guides that can be customized to the specific needs of students, nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals. 

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Become a Vendor

MedInfo products can be seen in most universities, hospitals, and college campuses with more than 700 products that specialize in the education of healthcare professionals. We offer discounts to vendors and all our products can be customized to fit your brand, school, hospital, university, store, or group. Contact us today for specific details!

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MyHospital App

 MyHospital is a connect and communication app available for android and IOS mobile devices that provides healthcare professionals and staff unlimited access to hospitals in the United States. The app features direct dialing to floors and departments as well as full hospital details, driving directions and much more!