Rapid IDs

These fast reference medical cards fit behind any ID badge and contain the most commonly used daily medical information. Never get caught unprepared again! With dozens of different cards available these useful references are sure to ease your daily rounds and give you the confidence to succeed no matter what!


Your first stop for compact medical information ranging from cardiology to infectious diseases.

Respiratory Therapy

Packed with pulmonary information these IDs will never disappoint. 


Designed for the hard working nurse these rapid IDs will keep you ready and prepared.


Quickly and accurately diagnose your patients with these rapid IDs.


Improve your efficacy and your style with a wide range of badge accessories. 


With bright long lasting colors and sturdy construction these cards are built to be used every day. Save when you purchase in packs!

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Packs or Singles

Compact and lightweight our rapid IDs can be bought individually or in designed packs.

Our packs are designed to complement each other and provide you with the most daily used medical information at a moments notice. These packs let you carry the knowledge you need to act quickly, effectively, and confidently while making rounds, house visits, or in any other setting. Check out our most popular packs below

Rapid ID Medical Pack

Contains the most commonly referenced medical materials in 4 rapid ID’s! This pack contains ABG & Sepsis, EKG & Myocardial Infarction, Lung Volumes & Spirometry, and CHADS cards. 

Rapid ID Nurse Pack

The Nurse Pack contains references on basic labs, EKG interpretation, oxygen systems and uses, bilingual pain scale, body plane referencing, SIRS and Sepsis definitions, and much more.

Rapid ID Respiratory Therapy

This pack has information on lung volumes, ABGs, spirometry, and obstructive/restrictive lung diseases. Fit these cards behind your ID badge to have the most rapid reference available.

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Develop your own personal style with dozens of accessories including badge holders, lanyards, badge reels, and more!