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MedInfo, Inc. is a medical publishing company that specializes in providing medical references, clipboards, and pocket equipments to all healthcare professionals throughout the United States, Canada and beyond.

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We have over 1,500 products in the healthcare field to educate and improve the efficiency of all providers. Our products are carried by many allied healthcare staff and are great resources and tools when they need it most. 

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 WhiteCoat Clipboards

WhiteCoat Clipboards are our full size medical reference clipboards that fold in half with ease and allow for easy storage in white coat pockets or scrubs! These clipboards come in 14 amazing colors and 12 editions. These editions cater to the healthcare community expanding from MD's, Nursing, Respiratory, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy and more.

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Rapid ID Cards 

Rapid ID Cards are badge sized medical reference cards that allow for quick retrieval of medical information for the everyday medical professional. The cards are made with a sturdy design that allow for easy cleaning. They come in both vertical and horizontal orientations and feature evidence based medical reference material.

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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

MDpocket | Medical Reference Guides

MDpocket Medical Reference guides are the most up to date pocket medical references on the market today. These guides are used by medical professionals with quick and easy ways to take care of patients it possess a unique tabbed design and sturdy laminated covers. We offer a variety of editions including Residents, Medical Students, Nursing, Physician Assistant, and much more. 

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