MedInfo, Inc.


We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve the lives of medical professionals through our innovative products. We build products to solve the day to day problems of all healthcare professionals.

Our products are designed for helping medical professionals provide the best patient care they can. MedInfo, Inc. has been publishing healthcare related reference guides and information since 2005. Publications can be found in most major medical schools, universities, and colleges related to healthcare under the trade names of MDpocket and WhiteCoat Clipboards. We specialize in the most up to date medical references and pocket resources used by medical professionals and students in training. All of our medical reference and materials can be customized to any program, school, university or group. Please contact us for further information. 

MedInfo customizes many different medical references for programs, schools and universities to improve the efficiency of managing patient care. 

Our Team

Meet the Team 

Company team

Desi Penington, MD


Founder and chief visionary, Desi is the driving force behind MedInfo, Inc. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of products, software and continues to inspire overall company growth. 

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Sales & Marketing Manager


Company team

Marianne Novelli, MD

Senior Medical Editor 

Marianne delights in creating simplicity from complex medical information and presenting it to clinicians in ways that are informative, usable and really cool. 

Company team

Hannah Ward

Lead Designer 

Hannah enjoys utilizing her skills to create our overall brand imagery and visual representation. She has a serious infatuation with all things design and continues to develop and inspire our content across all channels.

Company team

Mollee Gleason

Business Manager 

Mollee adores finding and cultivating great products for MedInfo, Inc. She's a real savant when it comes to identifying customer needs and matching that to a top notch product. Her passion for products and people is superb.

Company team

Lee Gallegos

Powder Coating Manager

Lee is a cool cat with exquisite precision when it comes to product appearance. He's our  QA mastermind and keeps all our products coated to perfection. 

Company team

Analicia Arambula

Project and Product Specialist

Giovanni brings the chic to geek. He fancies abstract thinking, experimenting and analyzing all things MedInfo. His gift of wise guys remarks and data knowledge makes him our go to guy for forecasting our future growth.

Company team

Kathy Penington


Kathy is the queen of the coin. Her knowledge and organization keeps MedInfo operating at a superior level. Kathy's attention to detail is second to none and her ingenuity for managing resources and riches keeps us soaring.

Company team

Anthony Diaz

Project Manager 

Anthony is a jack of all trades and helps in various departments to ensure projects are completed on time and efficiently! From design work to CNC operations Anthony continues to innovate and advance MedInfo, Inc.'s manufacturing operations. 

Company team

JR Carrasco
Powder Coating Manager

JR loves taking on diverse and intricate projects. His finesse and techniques for powder coating put us a step above the rest. He continues to push boundaries and innovate new ideas to complete projects effectively. 

Company team

Kelly Allen

Warehouse Manager

Kelly keeps MedInfo, Inc. warehouse organized and moving. He's always on top of our manufacturing process to ensure we are producing quality one of kind products! Kelly is also our in house comedian and bound to make you laugh. 

Team MedInfo, Inc. 

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