ISO Clipboard Accessories

ISO Clipboard Band

The ISO band is our exclusive elastic rubber band that is latex free! It will secure all your documents to your clipboard while also preventing flaring of your papers. 

ISO Notepad

Choose from 1, 2, 5, and 10 pack options for your Standard ISO Clipboard or WhiteCoat Clipboard notepad. Designed to fit snuggly inside at 8" x 5". 

Pen Clips & Hanger Tags

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Clipboard Stand

Need a place to put your clipboard for storage, transcribing or viewing your information without having to hold it? Dock your clipboard on this folding clipboard stand by simply placing it in the cradle! 

Calculator Clips

Add this small calculator to your clipboard to do all your calculations. Easily attach the clipboard with the clip feature or can be used as a magnet wall clip to secure documents. 

Comes equipped with a clip, magnet and batteries! 

Clipboard Book Light 

Our book light can be attached to any of our WhiteCoat Clipboards to illuminate your writing or reading surface! 

Great for use in patient rooms and nightly rounds with a bright LED blub and flexible multi-position head. 

Small ISO Band

This ISO clipboard band is designed for our small ISO editions! This clipboard can be used as an attachment to keep documents more secure