Resident Guides

Pocket reference guides for the medical professional. 

Resident Features


Focused medical information

Our Resident Guide is packed with evidence based guidelines for the treatment of patients used by residents in all specialties. 

Designed with efficiency in mind

Each chapter is organized with a tabbed index to allow information retrieval at a moments notice. Topics can easily be accessed within each guide without having to carry a bulky book or having to search for the information you need.

Ideal for new physicians

Medical information designed for a new physician in training with helpful physical exam reminders, clinic topics, findings, medications and evidence based guidelines. 

Build one or many

Standard vs customized

Want even more or specialized medical topics? Customize your book by adding, deleting, and/or organizing chapters. Make the book you want to carry and use with our online book customizer.

Bulk discounts

We offer discounts on 10 books or more. Programs, colleges, universities, student classes, and residencies have all customized a book. Contact us now to see how we can help. 

Link it to your My Hospital App

Get the My Hospital App and have your book linked for total e-book access to the medical information, as well as all the hospital phone numbers where your train, work, or are on rotation. 


            Standard Edition

            Custom Edition