WhiteCoat Clipboards® Therapy Editions

Our WhiteCoat Clipboard therapy editions include occupational therapy, respiratory therapy and physical therapy! All perfectly unique with the most detailed day to day information for busy therapy professionals. 

Respiratory Therapy Edition

Great for any RT or RT student! Carry this lightweight WhiteCoat Clipboard for day to day information such as spirometry assessment with COPD criteria, acid base determination and expect compensation, ventilator weaning and RSBI, oxygen systems and flow rates and more! 

Physical Therapy Edition

This WhiteCoat Clipboard features detailed information on the modified Ashworth scale, Rancho Los Amigos scale, level of assist, Borg scale of exertion & more! This clipboard is compact and secure, keeping even the busiest PT organized. 

Occupational Therapy Edition

This full size OT clipboard has quick references on developmental milestones, a list of occupations, a guide to documentation, pain scale and more. Keep all your patient documents secure and HIPAA complaint all while on the go! 

WhiteCoat Clipboard Accessories

We offer a variety of clipboard attachments and accessories to help you stay organized and efficient.