ISO Clipboards®

16 Color Options For All ISO Clipboards®

We offer 16 color options and exclusive color options just for MedInfo, Inc. customers. Color options include: Black, Blackout, Blue, White, Pink, Red, Wine, Lilac, Yellow, Silver, Orange, Green, Lime, Teal, Mint & Coral! 


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Standard Horizontal ISO

With over 15 standard colors to choose from, our one of a kind folding horizontal ISO Clipboards®  are ideal for those on the go looking for a compact clipboard that folds securely closed. This clipboard keeps your documents secure without creasing your pages!   

Vertical ISO Clipboard® 

Get this full letter-size folding clipboard to conceal and protect your documents. This is our vertical layout fold and features a tall, skinner version of our standard ISO Clipboards.® 

iPad Mini ISO Clipboard® 

Available for all current iPad Editions from 1- 5 models. Place your iPad Mini inside our designer clips to secure it to one side of the clipboard and fold over the other side when not in use to secure and protect it! Also comes with standard 5 x 8 notepad. 

Folding Memo ISO Clipboard® 

Carry a full size 5x8 inch notepad inside this clipboard! This clipboard is the ideal folding clipboard for quick references while still being compact and portable. 

Mini ISO Clipboard® 

Our Mini ISO Clipboard® is half the size of our most popular standard horizontal folding ISO clipboard® for those who want the same great design, just half the size! 

Folding Server ISO Clipboard® 

Our thinnest folding clipboard, perfect for list, notes and small documents. Ideal for waitress, waiters, grocery list, field works and more! 

Mini Novel ISO Clipboard® 

This clipboard is perfect for throwing in your bag and taking on your daily routine. Comes with a custom notepad at 4x4.75 inches. 

Folding Ledger ISO Clipboard® 

Ideal for book keeping, drafts, drawings and more! This can hold your standard 8.5 x 11 notepad or a full size ledger notepad at 17 x 11 inches. Comes in both Left & Right hand options.

(Left Hand Version Shown in Image) 

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Nano ISO Clipboard® 

Our smallest ISO clipboard® is 4.75" x 5.75" when folded. This clipboard is extremely compact and perfect for small documents and business cards. 

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Guest Check ISO Clipboard® 

Use this clipboard to carry your guest check notepads with ease! This clipboard has an easy to carry size and great for professionals in restaurants, auto shops, retail outlets and more! 

Sports Edition ISO Clipboard® 

We offer a variety of sports edition clipboards including basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey! 

Needlework ISO Clipboard® 

This clipboard features a full exterior label with 37 stitch diagrams, 4 needle size guides, a thread count ruler, 6 inch & 15 inch centimeter rulers to help guide you as you stitch! 

Comes in Aluminum and Steel Options! 

Texture ISO Clipboard® 

This ISO clipboard® features a unique powder coated texture that provides a rare presentation. You are bound to stand out with this clipboard! #officeenvy

Come in multiple color options! 

Ticket Book ISO Clipboard® 

Our longest folding clipboard is perfectly powder coated on light weight aluminum and designed for long notes, citations and more! 

Diamond Plate ISO Clipboard® 

Our Diamond Plate ISO is our standard horizontal clipboard with an outer shell of diamond plating. Holds up well for construction use and field work! 

Double Feature ISO Clipboard® 

This 9"x16" folding lapboard can be used while you are seated. Each lapboard comes with two sturdy clip to hold all of your documents. It comes with 2 notepads.